Welcome to the 澳门皇家赌城在线大学 学生健康中心!

We're here to help you with your physical and 心理健康问题. If you are feeling unwell, please come see us!

We offer FREE mental health therapy!

We can also help you with a variety of health concerns. We provide TB testing, birth control, immunizations, STD testing, school or work physicals and more!

Call us at 805-289-6346 to learn more.


周一至周四上午9:00.m. 至下午五点半.m. (中午十二时起停止供应午餐.m. 对1:00p.m.)及星期五上午九时至下午十二时
地点: CRC 108


Find it all in your 学生健康门户网站

登录 学生健康门户网站 来填写你的医疗表格, 访问健康记录, and to communicate with clinic staff through secure messaging.


万一…… 鸦片 过量 拨打911并管理 烯丙羟吗啡酮 (纳洛酮)

烯丙羟吗啡酮 nasal spray is available at the student health center, in 校园里的自动除颤器 而在 校园警察 车辆.

Additional 24 Hour Mental Health 资源


Our Mission is to provide the necessary support, education and environment to help 澳门皇家赌城在线大学 students 住F.I.T. 

无所畏惧的 in overcoming challenges to reach personal goals

鼓舞人心的 校园内外的健康变化

蓬勃发展的 by achieving optimal physical and mental wellbeing

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